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Features - Inventory Management

Inventory MaintenanceCBSI understands accurate and efficient inventory management is critical to your company's success. We also know inventory control can be your biggest headache. Created to assure your business runs smoothly, Acu-Track's inventory features allow you complete inventory control.

Some Acu-Track inventory control features include . . .

  • Manage inventory categories, such as bill-of-material items, serial items, lots, kits, siblings, piece goods, and whole goods.
  • Stock conversions are automatic. Items can be stocked in one set of units and purchased in a different set of units.
  • Markup groups automatically reprice items when costs change.
  • Forecast item demands with seasonal and nonseasonal demand forecast methods.
  • Option to set up discount tables by product line and customer as well as contract pricing.
  • Handles stock quantities, costs, and prices up to 4 decimal places.

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Acu-Track Features

-- Sales Order Entry
-- Inventory Management
-- Purchasing
-- Sales Analysis
-- Accounts Receivable
-- Accounts Payable
-- General Ledger
-- PDA Tools
-- Driving Tools

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