Acu-Track, Distribution Software
Distribution Software, Acu-Track

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About Acu-Track, Distribution Software

Acu-Track is a comprehensive computer software system created to meet the needs of wholesale and distribution companies. A second-generation, premier business management system, Acu-Track is the best software available to control inventory and streamline productivity.

Using leading-edge, ODBC connectivity, relational database technology, and Microsoft Windows API, Acu-Track software provides powerful and reliable features you need to ensure your business runs smoothly. A Windows-based software, Acu-Track is user-friendly and designed to enhance your overall general accounting, inventory control, purchasing, order processing, sales analysis, counter sales, and much more.

Acu-Track is the result of six years of work and builds on the modules and features of CBSI's Acu-Track Classic software. Although a success, as technology changed, so did Acu-Track. Launched in late 2005, Acu-Track II is growing in popularity among wholesale and distribution companies in the United States and Canada.

When you purchase Acu-Track, you gain much more than state-of-the-art software. Committed to your success, CBSI provides installation, on-site training, and complete support services, including converting your data from your current software system. We stand by you the whole way to ensure that you are properly trained on all of the great features of the Acu-Track software.

We invite you to download our brochure or contact us for a free interactive web demonstration. Invest in Acu-Track, and Acu-Track will invest in you for years to come.

"We’ve been using Acu-Track software since CBSI came out with it, and we couldn’t operate without it. We use Acu-Track in every facet of our business: inventory control, back orders, reorders, order entry, etc. There’s a lot of distributor software out there, but what sets Acu-Track software apart is it’s easy to customize to what you want and need. Greenville Industrial isn’t just a distributor - everyone in our business has to touch a product and make something out of it. We don’t just pull something off a shelf. Acu-Track software makes it extremely easy to make an assembly or do a nonstock special order."

-- Jeff Russo, Owner
Greenville Industrial Rubber and Gasket Co, Inc

Learn more about Acu-Track's advanced features.
Download our brochure or call (803) 252-1313 for a free web demo!

Invest in your future. Invest in your success. Invest in Acu-Track.

Acu-Track Features

-- Sales Order Entry
-- Inventory Management
-- Purchasing
-- Sales Analysis
-- Accounts Receivable
-- Accounts Payable
-- General Ledger
-- PDA Tools
-- Driving Tools

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